Our very own Plymouth Trauma Informed Network has written a new training resource on vicarious trauma. It’s a ready to use power point presentation with supporting notes to help you deliver this within your team, organisation or for your own individual learning. 

The presentation explores what vicarious trauma is, how it manifests itself and how to respond and support. It also includes some additional reflections on vicarious trauma during Covid-19 with links to current research. 

The Trauma Informed Network is also busy editing a recorded version of this presentation with film and audio contributions from network members. Once this is complete we’ll also post this version here for all to use.

In the meantime the slide only version is available below. We’d love to hear examples of how you’ve used the presentation as well as examples of how it has changed your practice and made a direct difference to the children, young people and families you work with…so please get in touch. You can message us here on our website, our Twitter @PlymouthSCP or e-mail caroline.wilson@plymouth.gov.uk

To download the presentation please click here 



One thought to “New Training Resource on Vicarious Trauma”

  • Yvonne Sherlock-Hall

    really helpful resources and presentation which I will pass on and use in my own work.

    thank you


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