The Plymouth Safeguarding Children Board’s (PSCB) Business Strategy has been approved for the period 2018-2020. It sets out the PSCB vision and mission statement, and identifies the core priorities and strategic objectives that will drive the work of the PSCB partners both now and during the period the PSCB transitions into the new multi-agency safeguarding arrangements (Working Together to Safeguard Children 2018 (WTG18)).

The Plymouth Safeguarding Children Board’s (PSCB) Business Strategy is available here.

PSCB agreed to place its focus on the five core priorities outlined below. Excellent work has been achieved over the previous business year which has seen the development of key strategies and plans, and the strengthening of our quality assurance framework over the coming year. The Board felt it was important to maintain momentum and to develop a shared a vision and value within which leaders can create an environment and systems in which multi-agency work can flourish and children are safeguarded and their welfare promoted.

Priority One
Prevent Abuse
Priority Two
Provide Quality Assurance
Priority Three
Put Learning into Practice
Priority Four
Improve outcomes for children, young people and families
Priority Five
Promote children and young people’s emotional health and wellbeing.

Cognizant of the requirements of WTG 18, the Business Strategy also identifies two business priorities to:-

  1. Provide positive transitional arrangements for local safeguarding;
  2. Ensures the child’s voice and experience influences local safeguarding arrangements.

Please note that the following key threads run though all priorities:-

  • ensure that our work is child centred and we continually seek to engage and involve children, young people and families;
  • promote multi-agency partnership working – including the voluntary and community sectors;
  • provide a line of sight into multi-agency practice;
  • enable agencies hold each other to account for taking timely and appropriate action to address any gaps in their safeguarding response.

PSCB Partners and Members are expected to use this Business Strategy to:

  • Align with their own safeguarding priorities and activities;
  • Absorb into their corporate governance and quality assurance systems;
  • Promote amongst workforce including senior leaders and those in frontline roles;
  • Promote within websites and literature;
  • Incorporate into their workforce development offer.