The Children Young People and Families’ Service is pleased to inform you that the digital version of the EHAT is now available for Professionals to use.

It can be accessed in the normal way through the Plymouth Online Directory at:

Just type EHAT into the search box and it will direct you to the EHAT page. There you will find a link to the Plymouth Professional Portal, which is the platform used to host the digital EHAT. Links to guidance documents for using the Professional Portal, as well as useful contacts and information for Early Help can be found on the web page.

The digital EHAT does not change the approach or ethos as to how Early Help should be delivered. It provides a digital version of the EHAT forms currently in use – Assessment, Outcomes Plan, Plan Review and Plan Closure.

It is hoped that the digital EHAT will be easier for professionals to access and complete. It will enable information to be shared with Gateway and Early Help services at Plymouth City Council in a more timely and secure way.

Please note that if you are completing an EHAT as part of a request for service, for example to access Time for You support for a young carer, you will still need to email your request to  attaching a copy of the completed EHAT Assessment form. The digital EHAT will allow you to print and save pdf copies of your completed forms.

The Plymouth Professional Portal also hosts digital forms for the Education and Health Care Plan (EHCP). This is a statutory process and is administrated by Plymouth City Council’s Special Educational Needs & Disabilities Service (SEND). Many of you might already be familiar with the Professional Portal if you are involved in submitting proposals and / or contributing advice for EHCP plans.

Please note that the EHAT digital forms are hosted in the SEND area of the Professional Portal on a temporary basis. Therefore, some of the form titles we are currently unable to change. In practice this means that the title of EHAT forms begin with the text ‘Special Educational Needs & Disabilities’ before clarifying that it is an EHAT form. Please see the example below.

Special Educational Needs & Disabilities – Form 3 – Early Help Assessment Tool (EHAT)

We are working with our system provider to create an Early Help area on the Portal that will list the EHAT forms separately and enable us to change the SEND pre-face to Early Help.

We appreciate this may be a little confusing at first, but please be assured that any forms submitted to PCC through the Portal are clearly identifiable as either SEND or Early help and are recorded and processed accordingly.

The Early Help training for Lead Professionals programme, which is delivered through the Early Help Champions Group, will include guidance on using the digital EHAT and Plymouth Professional Portal.