In this post you will find key publications which focus upon children’s mental health.   

Careknowledge has provided a round up of key publications which focus upon and will support practitioners working children and young people with current or emerging mental ill health.   Please click on the headers below to gain access to these valuable materials.

Self harm, suicide behaviours and cyberbullying in children and young people

A systematic review published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research.

Suicide & Self Harm: Vulnerable Children and Young People

An article which explores the differences between self harm and suicidal behaviour and how they are connected.

Social Media and Children’s Mental Health: A Review of Evidence

Research by the Education Policy Institute that investigates what is known so far about the relationship between young people’s use of social medial and their emotional health and wellbeing.

The mental health and wellbeing needs of young people who have experienced sexual abuse in adolescence.

A summary briefing  on what is covered in the University of Bedfordshire’s assessment of the literature in relation to the mental health and wellbeing needs of young people who have experienced in sexual abuse in adolescence.

These are our children

A review into the care and support for children and young people with complex needs involving mental health, learning disabilities and/or autism, carried out for the Department of Health by Dame Christine Lenahan of the Council for the Disabled Children.

Transforming Mental Health Services for children who have been abused

An NSPCC analysis of the latest annual plans published by NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) on how they will care for vulnerable children’s mental health.

Investigation into Transition between CAMHS and Adult Mental Health Services

The Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch’s (HSIB) report on transition arrangements between  CAMHS and adult mental health services.

Attachment Disorders

An article which explores attachment and attachment theory, as well as attachment disorders in terms of types, risk factors, consequence and treatment.

Factors affecting children’s mental health over time

Joint Children’s Society and Barnardo’s research that examines how factors at 10 and 11 can affect children’s mental health at 14 and 15.

Mental health and wellbeing of young people in custody

A review of evidence on mental health and wellbeing of young people in custody, focusing on suicide risk and prevention in custody.

Serious Case Review: Young Person X

A serious case review carried out after Young Person X Fell from a building in the Royal Borough of Greenwich and died. An inquest concluded the reason for his death was suicide.

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