This 60 Second Briefing aims to raise awareness of Plymouth’s new Multi Agency Guidance for Children Living with and Affected by Domestic Abuse . 

It’s been written in response to Covid-19 and the challenges this is bringing to those working with domestic abuse. Although the guidance looks at some of the unique circumstances Covid-19 has presented it also has lots of helpful information that applies to future working, including when we are out of lock down, so please think of the guidance as something that will help beyond the here and now.

Section 3 of the guidance is particularly aimed at front line practitioners and explores the following topics; reviewing risk, safety planning and child to parent violence. You’ll find suggestions of resources to give to families and how to have conversations with them in a safe way.

For example during this period it’s likely that most of your communication with a parent subjected to domestic abuse, or a child living with and affected by domestic abuse will take place over the phone. So the guidance highlights the phrases and tips of how to manage a phone conversation provided by Standing Together.

The BrightSky App is another resource the guidance mentions. It’s a free to download app that provides support and information to anyone who may be in an abusive relationship or those concerned about someone they know. As with any such app, it should only be downloaded if safe to do so and if those experiencing abuse are sure their mobile phone is not being monitored by a perpetrator

Access the full Multi Agency Guidance 

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