Annual Conference 2017/2018

Wednesday 21stMarch 2018 – Working Together to Tackle Child Sexual Abuse

The PSCB held its annual conference on Working Together to Tackle Child Sexual Abuse.   The conference brought together professionals from children’s social care, police, health, education and children’s charities, to make sure there is a continued and joined up focus on tackling child abuse and understanding its complex and powerful harm to children.  The audience welcomed the following key speakers:

Anna Glinksi, Practice Improvement Advisor, Centre of Expertise on Child Sexual Abuse

“Prevalence, Impact and the Professional Role”.

Young Safeguarders


Steve Bore, Child Protection Consultant and Specialist Services

“Pathways of harmful sexual behaviour”.

AlterEgo Creative Solutions  – Performance of Crashing

Donald Findlater, Lucy Faithfull Foundation

“Working with communities to prevent… yes prevent … child sexual abuse”.

Sharon Copsey and Shelley Shaw, NSPCC

“Together for Childhood”.

Annual Conference 2016/2017

The Plymouth Safeguarding Children Board held its annual conference in March 2017 on the theme of domestic abuse  ‘Through the Eyes of Children and Young People”.  195 frontline workers and managers attended the conference from across the multi- agency partnership.  Demand for places out stripped availability; thus places were allocated on a multi-agency basis to ensure a suitable mix rather than first come first served.   Regrettably 25 workers with booked and confirmed places did not attend on the day.

The conference was positively received with the following common themes highlighted as areas of excellence:

  • Varied topics across the domestic abuse agenda provided a challenging and thought provoking day for delegates. The inclusion of coercive and controlling behaviour and adolescent to parent violence as topics was particularly well received.
  • The voice of the child was loudly and powerfully portrayed and heard by conference delegates.
  • Excellent speakers provided quality information. The Young Safeguarders, Emma Katz, and Craig McWhinnie were consistently highly rated in delegate feedback.

Delegates were asked as part of their feedback to list three key messages that they will take back to their single agency and be responsible for implementing. The following issues consistently came up as areas of practice agencies would review and update:

  • Embed the child’s voice in agency reporting and recording processes and procedures.
  • Repeat importance to all staff of information sharing.
  • Understand the reasons underlying children’s behaviour in terms of adolescent to parent violence and ask staff to be aware of signs and symptoms.
  • Sharing and practicing a non-blaming approach to victims of domestic abuse and understanding the forces at work which keep victims in abusive relationships.

Why domestic abuse through the eyes of children and young people?