The Key Roles and Relationships of the PSCB are fundamental to its objectives and uphold the key ethos that Safeguarding children is everyone’s responsibility.

Independent Chair

In order to provide effective scrutiny the PSCB is independent. It is not subordinate to, nor subsumed within, other local structures.   It is led by the Independent Chair, Mr Andy Bickley, who has held the position since January 2015.  Mr Bickley is required to lead the Board in fulfilling its statutory objectives; and provide robust and transparent leadership, influence, scrutiny and challenge across all Board partners on their safeguarding arrangements.   The Independent Chair is accountable to the Chief Executive of Plymouth City Council who will, drawing on other PSCB Partners, hold the Chair to account for the effective working of the PSCB.

Local Authority

Plymouth City Council is responsible for establishing the PSCB and ensuring it is run effectively.   The Leader of the Plymouth City Council is ultimately responsible for the PSCB.

Lead Member

The Lead Member for Children, Young People and Families is the locally elected councillor with responsibility for ensuring that the Plymouth City Council fulfils its legal responsibility to safeguard children and young people.

Director of Children’s Services

The Director of Children’s Services has the responsibility within Plymouth City Council, under section 18 of the Children Act 2004, for improving outcomes for children, local authority children’s social care functions and local cooperation arrangements for children’s services. The Independent Chair works closely with the Director of Children’s Services.

 Partner Agencies

All partner agencies of the PSCB hold a strategic role within their agency and able to speak with authority on policy and practice matters and can hold their agency to account.   All partner agencies are committed to ensuring the PSCB is productive and effective.   The partner agencies of the PSCB co-ordinate multi-agency working by developing robust policies and procedures, participating in the planning of services for children in Plymouth and by communicating the needs to safeguard and promote the welfare of children, explaining how this can be achieved.   The partner agencies ensure the PSCB monitors and evaluates the effectiveness of safeguarding arrangements, and enable a well informed and trained multi-agency safeguarding workforce.