Sharing the Brain Story: Face to Face 3 Hour Workshop

Course Description and Outcomes

These workshops aim to introduce participants to a cutting edge approach of using tested metaphors that explain the science of brain and child development and the impact of trauma. It aims to support professionals to help others think about what they can do to encourage healthy development in children and create a shared language across the Plymouth workforce around child development and to strengthen multi agency working/relationships.

Who is this course for?

This course is aimed at any worker who may need to explain brain and child development to families or others and support healthy development in children.

How much?

This course is free to all agencies and professionals.

How can I book a space and what are the dates and times? 

You can book a space using our Microsoft Form online application by clicking on the link below.  We will confirm your space by email which will include the venue details.

The dates and times for the course are listed on our Microsoft Form online application.


Pre-course Preparation: This course includes pre-course preparation for participants. Please click on the link below for further details.

Sharing the Brain Story: Pre-course Preparation