Trauma Informed Practice

Welcome to our Trauma Informed Practice page. Here you’ll find all the latest information, and developments in the world of trauma informed practice, including Plymouth’s approach document and e-learning courses. As a trauma aware city Plymouth recognises the evidence base that is emerging day by day, across both national and international communities, which identifies the impact of trauma and the consequences of exposure to adversity as a profound health, well-being and social care issue of our time. We also have our very own Trauma Informed Network in Plymouth which is helping to support and drive this work across the city.

So what does being ‘trauma informed’ mean? Trauma-informed practice is not designed to treat trauma related difficulties. Instead it tries to address the barriers that those affected by trauma can experience when accessing the care, support and treatment they require. It’s about how we understand each other, how we speak with and about each other,  how we organise our services, how we manage our meetings and much more.  In this way trauma informed practice isEverybody’s Business’  and we can never underestimate the impact we have when we enter someone’s life, particularly in times of struggle. Karen Triesman, a leading clinical psychologist on this topic , shares her belief that ‘every interaction is an intervention’ so in Plymouth lets make these enabling, kind and relationship based. 

We’re mindful that when taking a look through the resources below or completing the e-learning courses listed the content can be quite powerful and may evoke a range of emotions. Perhaps think about when is a good time for you to go through the content. Please use whatever support is helpful for you if you need to talk about the learning and what it’s meant to you. This could be talking to your colleagues or supervisor. The e-learning also includes links to helpful support services.

Trauma Informed Plymouth Approach FINAL April 2019