If you are a member of the public and you’re worried about a child or young person or think they’re being abused, please speak with a professional that works with children at the earliest opportunity. If possible, speak to someone that works with the child/family you are worried about. If you can’t do this or need any support the please call 01752 668000 or email gateway@plymouth.gov.uk or outside of normal working hours call Plymouth Out of Hours Service on 01752 346984.

If you’re a professional and you are worried about a child or young person then in the first instance please read our guidance on the Building Support page, to help you understand how to best support that child, young person or their family. Where the involvement of statutory services (Children’s Social Care) might be appropriate, please complete a MASH Contact Form. If you have an urgent child protection concern then please call Plymouth Gateway on 01752 668000 (or 01752 346984 out of hours). You will be asked to follow up your call by submitting a MASH Contact form the same day.