Call 999 if the child is in real danger now.

How to report

If you’re worried about a child or young person or think they’re being abused, even if you’re unsure, call 01752 668000 or email or outside of normal working hours call Plymouth Out of Hours Service on 01752 346984.  The Gateway service is made up of multi-agency professionals who can give you advice, information and support. You can also contact the NSPCC if you want to talk to someone about your concerns and get advice.

Urgent Referrals by professionals

Call 999 if the child is in real danger now.

If you’re a professional with an urgent child protection concern, please make an immediate referral by calling the Multi-Agency Hub on 01752 668000 (or 01752 346984 out of hours) or email

You will be asked to follow up your call by submitting the Plymouth Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub Referral Form – (MASH).  Please use link below:


What to report

When you get in touch with the Gateway they will ask you some questions such as:

  • the child’s name and date of birth
  • the address and contact details for the child’s parent or carer
  • why you think the child is at risk or is being abused.
  • why you think the child is at risk or is being abused

    What happens once it’s been reported

    All agencies involved with the child, such as the police or the child’s school, will work out together what support is needed to keep them safe.  Sometimes there’s nothing to worry about and nothing needs to be done. Sometimes a plan needs to be put together to make sure the child is kept safe.   Everyone involved will work hard with the family to keep the child at home, but if it’s not safe for them to stay with their family then in some cases a child can be taken in to care to keep them safe.