The PSCB will monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of what is done by the local authority and its partners, both individually and collectively, to safeguard and promote the welfare of children, and will advise them on what to improve.   Working Together to Safeguard Children 2015 states that the PSCB must quality assure practice, including through joint audits of case files involving practitioners and identify the lessons to be learned.

Key Principles

Multi-Agency Case Audits, or MACAs, are undertaken on 5 individual cases around a practice theme.  Themes for the audits will be selected by the PSCB Learning and Professional Practice Group in response to current practice issues, including learning from Serious Case Reviews, Joint Target Area Inspection themes, local, regional and national issues.   The audits are qualitative in approach and aim to provide a window on the child protection system to illuminate strengths and ideas for development across the partnership.

Current Audit

The PSCB has commissioned an audit of the Children, Young People and Families’ Front Door Service; examining both Gateway contacts and HUB Referrals.    The purpose of this audit is to gain a greater understanding of single agency enquiries, to help ensure that children and families are gathering the right help at the right time.  The audit will help PSCB to identify areas of good practice, areas for improvement and recommendations in relation to the quality of referrals and use of the Plymouth Assessment Framework.    The PSCB will be in contact its agency leads and representatives in the very near future to secure a date for the multi-agency audit to taken place and be subject to scrutiny.

Previous Audits and Learning

The following Executive Reports provide a highlight of the summary of learning and recommendations arising from the Multi-Agency Case Audits.

Domestic Abuse Theme – September 2016

Harmful Sexual Behaviours – February 2017

Neglect – May 2017