NEW Multi-agency Case Resolution Protocol

This new Protocol provides an informal and flexible process to resolve multi-agency practice concerns for children and young people at the earliest stage possible.

NEW Multi-Agency Case Resolution Protocol

Case Referral Form

It has been designed to swiftly help unblock inter-agency communication, information sharing and provision over safeguarding services to children.

Panel Meetings will held on a monthly basis to hear children’s cases which may be impacted by, for example,  multi-agency disagreement over the sharing of information or the provision of service, or disagreement on action  or risk planning.    It does not replace the formal Escalation and Resolution Policy and neither does it replace the statutory complaint processes within individual agencies.  For clarity it is not the forum for raising complaints as to application of thresholds within Gateway/MASH.

If you have concerns about the impact of multi-agency practice for a child or young person and would like to seek strength based support and improve multi-agency care planning please complete the attached case referral form and send it to

Your agency will be responsible for ensuring that you have spoken with the child and or their parent/carer to make them aware of your approach to the Plymouth Safeguarding Children Partnership and that their information will be shared as part of meeting.


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