Child Exploitation: Online Webinar 2 ½ Hours

Course Description and Outcomes

This webinar offers the opportunity to improve awareness regarding the types of exploitation, including sexual and criminal exploitation as well as signs and symptoms. Participants will strengthen their skills in effective engagement with young people and families, the importance of using non-blaming language. Participants will also have improved awareness of how those who exploit think and act to target and exploit young people and vulnerable adults.

Who is this course for?

This course is aimed at any staff supporting children, young people and their families but content is geared towards working with older age children from early adolescence onwards i.e. top end of primary school onwards.

How much?

There is a cost to attend this course for all partner agencies including the statutory and voluntary sectors. Some agencies have a pre-paid funding arrangement with us meaning the cost of attendance is already covered. These are:

  • Devon and Cornwall Police
  • Plymouth City Council
  • Devon Clinical Commissioning Group
  • City College Plymouth
  • Livewell Southwest
  • Plymouth Hospitals Trust
  • All Children’s Centre’s
  • All Childminders
  • All Nursery/Pre-school Settings

If you don’t work for any of the above agencies or services the cost to attend is £25 per person.

How can I book a space and what are the dates and times? 

You can book a space using our Microsoft Form online application by clicking on the link below.  We will confirm your space by email and send you the link to join the webinar.

The dates and times for the course are listed on our Microsoft Form online application.


Pre-course Preparation: This course includes pre-course preparation for participants. Please click on the link below for further details.

Child Exploitation: Pre-course Preparation